Q. What is the difference between an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser ?
A. When it comes to hearing evaluations and hearing instrument fittings, the functions are exactly the same.

Q. Do I really need to wear two hearing aids?
A. It depends on your hearing loss but for most of us there are several advantages to fitting both ears.

Q. What are the advantages of using two hearing aids vs. using only one hearing aid?
A. Again there are several which have come to be known as the Binaural Advantage. Click here for the list.

Q. Which type of hearing aids are right for me?
A. Once we have conducted a full hearing test, we will be able to make a recommendation as to which style of hearing aid will work best for your hearing loss. For instance, if you have a high frequency loss but your low frequencies are good, I would recommend an instrument that leaves your ear unoccluded. Also, we would take into consideration the size and shape of your ear canal as well as any preferences you may have.

Q. How much do you charge for a home visit?
A. There is no charge for in-home service calls even if you obtained your aids from another dispenser/provider.

Q. Do you repair all makes and models of hearing aids?
A. Yes, we can repair virtually any make or model hearing aid.

Q. Do you charge a fee if my hearing aids need to be reprogrammed?
A. We never charge a fee for reprogramming.

Q. Can you reprogram my hearing aids if I didn’t get them from you?
A. If we have the programming software from the manufacturer of your instruments we can reprogram or adjust them. I routinely carry the programming software and cables for most major manufacturers.

Q. Why do your hearing aids cost more than Costco?
A. Actually our pricing is competitive with Costco. When it comes to the convenience of the in-home service we offer they simply can’t compete.

Q. How long is the warranty period on hearing aids?
A. Depending upon the technology and the manufacturer hearing aid warranties are generally from one to three years. Additional years of warranty service are available for an additional fee.

Q. What if I lose my hearing aids?
A. If you lose your hearing aids during the warranty period they will be replaced by the manufacturer upon payment of the loss and damage deductable.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We take cash, checks and credit cards.

Q. Will my health insurance pay for the hearing aids?
A. Most insurance companies do not cover the purchase of hearing aids. If you do have hearing aid coverage we will be happy to help you fill out the insurance claim form for reimbursement.

Q. Can I wear my hearing aids when I go to bed or take a shower/bath?
A. Hearing aids should not be worn while sleeping. Most hearing aids do not respond well to water.