Hearing Aids Repairs

We can repair just about any make or model hearing aid. Many times we can do it at the time of our visit with you. If I can repair the hearing aid during our visit, there is never a charge. The only time there will be a repair charge is if the aid must be sent into a repair lab. Aids sent in for repairs are warranted for a period of one year.

Should You Repair Your Old Hearing Aid or Consider Purchasing a New One?

This question comes up almost all the time and my response usually is: "If you were doing really well with your old aid when it was working, then you should repair it. If you were not doing that well with your old aid when it was working, then you should probably consider replacing it."

Our No-Risk Repair

What if you decide that your old hearing aid is not really working that well after being repaired ?

If we send in your old hearing aid for repair and you then decide to replace your old aid with a new one within 6 months of the repair, we will credit the cost of the repair toward the purchase price of the new hearing aid.

Is There a Way To Tell If My New Hearing Aids Are Performing Better Than My Old Aids?

The verification of fitting protocols I use are “Aided Discrim” and “Free Field Pure Tone Testing”. Performing these tests while using your current hearing aids, and then using the new hearing aids, should show an improvement in your speech discrimination and your ability to hear sounds. If you don’t see an improvement using the new hearing aids then you should return them for a refund and keep using your old aids.

Most of our 5-star Yelp reviews are for repairs done at “no charge” at the time of our visit.