Code of Ethics

We promise to:

  • Consider paramount the welfare of the individuals we serve.
  • Treat all with courtesy and respect.
  • Be honest and truthful about the benefits you may expect from using hearing aids, based on your hearing ability.
  • Promptly address all problems or concerns relating to hearing aid use.
  • Never reveal professional or personal information about the individuals we serve without proper authorization.
  • Never to engage in discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or handicapping condition.

Why Mail Order Hearing Aids Are Not Consistent With Our Code of Ethics

Delivering high quality hearing healthcare requires:

  • An otoscopic examination
  • A complete hearing and speech evaluation
  • Ear impressions done by a professional
  • Appropriate and effective hearing technology
  • A professional who knows you and who will work hard to meet your needs

Mail Order hearing aids meet none of these requirements. Also, many manufacturers will void the warranty on any of their products sold over the Internet as they realize that a proper fitting can only occur by consulting and using properly licensed professionals. And finally, the California Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau has issued this warning !

Expecting a mail order/internet hearing aid to fit everyone's ear and hearing loss is like going to a shoe store that only sells one size shoe and expecting to get a comfortable, well fitting pair of shoes. One size does not fit all. And while the price may seem attractive, just remember what your parents taught you. You get what you pay for!

Read the repair warranty service warning from hearing aid manufacturer ReSound about buying hearing aids online.